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Not a Math Person

Not a Math Person? Do you hear this, in one form or another, from your students?  Or, do you think that about yourself?  If so, I suggest you read the following - Living Proof: Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey which is a free download from the Mathematical Association of America.  The book … Continue reading Not a Math Person


First of all, most of the courses I teach are fully online, and most of my students are graduate students who ‘attend’ our university while juggling their full-time jobs as teachers and about half are parents too.  Expecting them to place my courses as their highest priority every day is unrealistic Most of these K-12 … Continue reading THOUGHTS ON THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR – 2020

Sense-making and reasoning in the time of Corona Part II

In a recent blog post I urged teachers to focus on developing students’ sense-making and reasoning skills rather than adding new content.  I shared some personal favorites tools for doing this and today I would like to share a few more. is a teacher run blog that asks students to solve visual puzzles such … Continue reading Sense-making and reasoning in the time of Corona Part II

Notice & Wonder with Padlet & Dotstorming

In your mathematics classroom, are you giving students opportunities to think or taking away their need to think? As a high school math teacher, I encountered many initiatives that helped my classroom be more student-centered. When I first started teaching, cooperative learning was making a comeback, but I did not get much direction on how … Continue reading Notice & Wonder with Padlet & Dotstorming